10 tph WNS series condensing gas-fired steam boiler project for agriculture industry

  • Project boiler medium:Steam
  • Capacity:10 tph
  • Location:Yantai, Shandong
  • Equipment:WNS10-1.25-Q
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We were very satisfied with ZOZEN gas-fired boiler which had excellent environmental performance and quality. The boiler had become a reliable heat source of our production lines. In addition, we were deeply impressed with the professionalism of the service staff of ZOZEN. The one-stop service was considerate and thoughtful.

— Worldfull Agricultural Science &Technology Co., Ltd.

Confronted with the increasingly severe environmental protection policies, ZOZEN has made progress in the research and development of technologies in recent years. WNS series gas-fired boilers with features of high efficiency and low emissions are preferred by the industrial boiler market. This series of boiler uses a radiant heating surface to increase the heat transfer coefficient. Besides, the boiler adopts high-efficient threaded flue tubes to slow down the flue gas flow rate and fully absorb heat. In addition, energy-saving devices are equipped at the tail of the flue to increase the thermal efficiency to above 98%. The efficiency is superior to international energy efficiency standard. Moreover, the advanced low NOx burner greatly reduces the emission of NOx to 30 mg/m3. The ultra low emission provides guarantees for clean production and sustainable development of enterprises.

Founded in 2001, Worldfull Agricultural Science &Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of CHAMPGC Holding Limited Corporation. It integrates the research and development, production and sales of various fertilizer products such as microbial organic fertilizers, bacterial fertilizers, compound fertilizers, blended fertilizers, etc. At present, with an annual capacity of 5 million tons, the company has eight production bases. It adopts advanced production equipment and has established a clean production system. As one piece of important heat source equipment, ZOZEN WNS series gas-fired boiler provided stable steam for the granulation process of screened biological organic fertilizers. The boiler not only met the requirements of Worldfull, but also met the goal of clean production.

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