25 tph SZS series gas-fired steam boiler project for Zhengzhou Railway Station

  • Project boiler medium:Steam
  • Capacity:25 tph
  • Location:Zhengzhou, Henan
  • Equipment:SZS 25-1.25-Q
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ZOZEN SZS series gas-fired steam boilers had been running stably since their operation. The thermal efficiency of the boiler system was nearly 20% higher than that of previous coal-fired boilers. Besides, the considerate and excellent service of ZOZEN made us feel nothing to worry about.

— Zhengzhou Heating Company

With a large flow of passengers, Zhengzhou Railway Station is one of the eight transportation hubs in China. It is known as the heart of Chinese railways. The comfortable waiting environment comes from stable heating system. It is Zhengzhou Heating Company Second Road Heat Source Factory that provides stable heat source for Zhengzhou Railway station. Founded in 1989, the heat source factory was put into operation in 1992. In recent years, with the aging of old boilers, the thermal efficiency of the existing 4 sets of 20 tph chain grate steam boilers has been gradually reduced. Besides, considering environmental protection and other factors, Second Road Heat Source Factory decided to implement the Coal-to-Gas Project, dismantle the existing low-efficiency and high-consumption coal-fired boilers, and introduce some sets of SZS series gas-fired steam boilers.

As a Grade A industrial boiler manufacturer with strong comprehensive strength, ZOZEN stood out in the fierce bidding. ZOZEN provided Second Road Heat Source Factory with a series of services such as boiler system design, manufacturing, transportation, installation, commissioning, operation, application of inspection, warranty period maintenance, free training and so on. It is worth mentioning that the combustion chamber of ZOZEN SZS series gas-fired boiler is designed with narrow distance tube membrane water cooling walls which have good air proof to reduce heat lost. In addition, good quality alumina silicate fiber and fire clay insulation material are used to control the boiler body temperature below 45℃, and greatly heat loss is reduced. Energy-saving devices are equipped at the end of the boiler to increase the thermal efficiency of SZS series boilers to above 98%. Besides, the advanced environment protection technology of ZOZEN solves the traditional environmental pollution problems and realize true green heating.

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